Monday, April 16, 2012

iPad Patient Care EMR, EHR app for physicians and medical

EMR, EHR App - Designed and Developed exclusively for Doctors adn Healthcare Professionals to store and manage their patient’s complete history by AMPERE SOFTWARE. Manage patient data each time they visit, update their last prescriptions and complete health history files and payments too. Backup updated excel files to your personal computer via email. In order to comply with HIPAA; you would always have to key in your pass code and user name (which you have created when you downloaded the app for first time on set-up screen).

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Ampere Software serves:- Brownsville, Pasadena, Overland Park, Hollywood, Irvine, Lansing, Sunnyvale, Santa Clarita, New Haven, Eugene, Irving, Little Rock, Arlington CDP, Orlando, Dayton and other cities.

Perfect for physicians, doctors, medical students, nurses and anybody else involved in patient care. Http://

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